Project: Engineering for raising the Energy Efficiency of Industrial Installations at Pirin – Tex EOOD, Gotse Delchev

Client: Pirin – Tex EOOD, Gotse Delchev

Implementation period: from 30.03.2008 to 20.03.2010


  • Investigation of Energy Efficiency of Industrial Systems and Buildings of Pirin – Tex EOOD
  • Preparation and coordination of a working investment project on all parts for realization of the determined energy saving measures Implementation of energy-saving measures, including:
  • Reconstruction of steam systems and increasing the efficiency of the heat transfer system.
  • Changing the fuel base – from diesel fuel to natural gas.
  • Additional thermal insulation of flexible hoses to which steam is supplied to the machine and the condensate is removed.
  • Replace defective condensation jars.
  • Reconstruction of the heating system.
  • Supply of electricity at a lower cost.
  • Reconstruction of the participant to produce compressed air.
  • Reconstruction of the lighting system in the "Old Hall" workshop.
  • Installation of energy saving devices – controllers for optimization of the operation of electric machines, vacuum pumps and cutting machines.
  • Energy cost monitoring and management system.

Following the realization of the project in Pirin – Tex EOOD were achieved:

  • Energy savings of 1400 MWh / year
  • Electricity savings – 675 MWh / year.
  • Saving of funds – BGN 475 000 / yr.

“Esco Engineering” JSC, as a subcontractor, participates in the investigation of the industrial systems, the preparation of the working projects for the change of the fuel base, the delivery and the  nstallation of the facilities included in the adopted investment project.