Block 21 in the bc. Mladost 1 in Montana already has a new vision. Mayor Zlatko Zhivkov and the regional governor Ivaylo Petrov opened the 4th sanitary block in Montana under the National  Energy Efficiency Program.

The residential building consists of 3 entrances, each of 7 floors. They have 49 families. The priests of Montana, Father Emil and Father Nicholas, performed the
solemn sanctuary.

The renovation of the building was done ahead of schedule, the mayor Zlatko Zhivkov pointed out to the living:
“On 10 October, this contract was started and it had to end for 150 calendar days. For 68 calendar days, not for 150, almost twice as fast as the builders did here, for which I thank them.”

The representatives of the contractors”Esco Engineering” JSC and “Central Energy EAD”, who attended the opening, wished to the cheerful reception of the Christmas and New Year holidays and the long-term and seamless use of the renovated building block.