ESCO ENGINEERING AD carries out complete provision with the necessary equipment, materials and equipment for the construction of a project according to its design requirements and the requirements of the client.

ESKO ENGINEERING’s experience in the field of supply includes a thorough marketing study of market opportunities for the delivery of the appropriate equipment. All equipment is delivered directly by manufacturers guaranteeing the highest quality of the delivered products and materials covering all the requirements of the relevant EU standards and norms.

ESCO ENGINEERING completely solves all discrepancies between manufacturers and end customers. Deliveries satisfying all participants in the process are realized by ESCO ENGINEERING, due to its financial, technical and expert resources.

ESCO ENGINEERING AD carries out specialized supplies of responsible equipment, spare parts and raw materials for power engineering, metallurgy, chemical and extractive industry, on the basis of traditionally good trade relations with leading producers from the EU countries, Russia, Ukraine and others.

ESCO ENGINEERING AD is an exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the following foreign producers:

  • AO “Troitski elektromehanichen zavod” – Troitsk, Russian Federation – leader in the production of heat exchange equipment. The production of the plant is certified and has all the necessary licenses for the construction and production of a complete range of heat exchange equipment for nuclear and conventional energetic, military industry, all branches of the heavy industry etc.
  •  ZAO “Firma SOIUZ-01” Company – Odintsovo, Moscow district, Russian Federation – The plant has its own patents to produce a wide range of gaskets for all responsible safety systems at varying operating pressure and temperature ranges. The company manufactures high-quality piping fittings and valves with a wide range of applications in power generation, especially for NPPs.
  • IMI HERION, Stuttgart, Germany – a manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic fittings and valves, an elementary basis for all industries, including unique hydro and pneumatic components for high-level nuclear power stations.

ESCO ENGINEERING AD plans and organizes the transport of delivered goods to the customer, including customs processing of goods from countries for which duty is obligatory, including dual-use goods.

Part of our company’s business strategy is the precise logistics of the delivery process with a comprehensive focus on customer satisfaction.