ESCO ENGINEERING AD was established in 2003 with the main activity – implementation of engineering projects in the field of energy efficiency, construction and construction of high technology and energy efficient heating and air-conditioning installations.

The company has implemented on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria a number of projects for the design, construction and commissioning of heating and air – conditioning systems based on heat pump units.

In the activity of the company is also a priority the implementation of consultancy services for the preparation and realization of engineering projects in all their stages –
from the initial idea to their realization including: design studies, evaluation of their economic effect, provision of their financing, selection of contractors, evaluation and management of  implementation in the design and construction, completion and commissioning phases.

ESCO ENGINEERING AD has experience in advising potential beneficiaries on the preparation and management of projects funded under European and national programs.

With the participation of ESCO ENGINEERING specialists in the design, supply of materials and equipment and their installation, the implementation of engineering projects was carried out, both for the modernization of existing facilities in the power industry and for the construction of new industrial installations.

ESCO ENGINEERING is one of the few companies in Bulgaria that participated in all phases of the implementation of engineering projects successfully executed through guaranteed performance contracts for the implementation of energy efficiency measures in buildings and facilities leading to their certification under the Energy Efficiency Act and reduction of the energy consumption.

ESCO ENGINEERING JSC is a member of the Bulgarian Atomic Forum and the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria.

The activity of ESCO ENGINEERING is certified according to the standards BDS ISO 9001: 2015, BDS ISO 14001: 2015 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007.